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EFCO Products, Inc. selected BatchMaster ERP to provide all departments with a single, cohesive, comprehensive ERP solution. EFCO produces bakery fillings, bakery mixes & concentrates, beverage bases & syrups, fruit & specialty toppings and other specialty ingredients as both off-the-shelf products and custom formulated products.

“We knew we needed to find a new all-in-one ERP solution due to our company’s continuing growth and our requirement to streamline all of our processes into one solution,” stated Michelle Oakley, IT Manager for EFCO Products, Inc. “Of the other systems we evaluated, including Process Pro, Plex and Aspen Systems, BatchMaster Software’s ERP for Food was definitely the most robust solution. BatchMaster ERP will improve communication and connectivity throughout our organization, as well as increase our inventory accuracy and lot traceability.”

EFCO Products is a family-owned company with a 100-year history of an unwavering commitment to producing the highest quality products and maintaining long term customer relationships. “We strive in every way to provide the quality products and support that our customers need to succeed, shares Kevin Laffin, VP Finance at EFCO. “We treat all our customers, whether they are local bakery products distributors, national wholesale manufacturers or global restaurant chains, with the same respect and commitment to excellence. We look forward to embracing the new solution while staying consistent to our core values of quality, integrity and customer service,” noted Laffin.

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