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Manufacturing Software For Hemp, CBD and Recreational Products

BatchMaster Software offers formula-based, process manufacturing solutions for hemp distillation and extraction, and CBD and recreational production. Leveraging our expertise in the food, beverage, supplement and life sciences industries, our software can support your unique requirements in the areas of product development, production, inventory, quality, costing, lot traceability & recall, planning & scheduling, mobile warehousing, and compliance & reporting.

Take advantage of our add-on manufacturing application that runs with your existing financials, such as QuickBooks, or upgrade to our end to end ERP solution that manages financials, sales, purchasing, supply chain, customer service, and manufacturing. Integrations to ecommerce, small parcel shipping, CRM and other supply chain applications care available.

Run BatchMaster applications in the cloud and take advantage of our monthly subscription programs.

Industry Specific Software For Your Health, Wellness and Recreational Products

Hemp Processing Software

Hemp Processing Software

  • Manage unique unit identifiers of raw materials.
  • Maintain 3rd party lab analysis documents
  • Create unique formulations and concentrates, including process settings.
  • Reconcile numbers down to the exact milligram.
  • Manage toll processing and fees.
  • If required, comply with state tracking and reporting regulations with integration to Metrc.

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ERP for CBD Manufacturing

CBD Manufacturing Software

  • Create new CBD infused food, beverage and personal care products.
  • Account for product conversions and losses.
  • Auto adjust for inventory potency/strength variabilities.
  • Generate product labels
  • Provide one click traceability searches and recalls

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Recreational ERP Software

Recreational Manufacturing
Software Features

  • Detailed reporting of received product, on-hand inventory, WIP and shipped product.
  • Provide version control of separate formulas and packaging specifications.
  • Manage and report on operational deviations during production.
  • Provide one click traceability searches and recalls.
  • Comply with state tracking and reporting regulations with integration to Metrc.

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