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As a continuation to my Q & A session with Forrest Burnson, market researcher for Software Advice’s recently published Enterprise Resource Planning Software BuyerView | 2015, I would like to address the second question I had for ForrestRead More

As a veteran in the ERP solution business for Process Manufacturers, I enjoy annual reviews and surveys of our customers and process manufacturers, as a whole. This year, Software Advice, a company that helps buyers decide on the best ERP softwareRead More

A Lot tracking system is a system that records information associated with a batch of product. It could be as simple as knowing what raw material went into a particular batch of product. Lot tracking allows you to track several units of a stockRead More

The explosion which rocked the coatings factory covered everything in reach with yellow paint.  While little physical damage was caused to actual plant, much product was lost due to cross-contamination, and the clean-up took weeks.Read More