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Whether you private-label, co-pack or produce your own line of makeup, skin and hair care products, leverage our personal care and cosmetics formulation software to speed product development, then employ our process manufacturing capabilities to streamline production, ensure quality and compliance, and reduce costs.

We can quickly and easily add our Personal Care & Cosmetics manufacturing application to your existing financials, including QuickBooks, Sage 100 and 300, Microsoft Dynamics GP and SAP Business One. Or if you are looking to upgrade your current manufacturing and financial business applications, we offer an end to end ERP for Personal Care & Cosmetics solution that gives you the adaptability, accountability, reliability, scalability and traceability functionality you need to rapidly and profitably grow your business.

BatchMaster software applications are available on-premise and in the cloud.

What are the modules found in our Personal Care & Cosmetics Manufacturing Software Application?

BatchMaster Software chemical manufacturing modules include formulation and packaging management, costing, inventory, production, quality, planning, scheduling, traceability & recall, INCI & SDS compliance, and mobile warehousing. All of these chemical manufacturing modules are available in our add-on personal care & cosmetics manufacturing application, as well as in our end to end ERP solution that supports personal care & cosmetics manufacturing, financials, sales, purchasing, supply chain, and customer service.


BatchMaster Software offers an add-on chemical manufacturing application that runs with leading financials, as well as an end to end ERP solution that supports chemical manufacturing, financials, sales, purchasing, supply chain, and customer service.

BatchMaster software applications are available on-premise and in the cloud.

Personal Care & Cosmetics ERP

What are the benefits of our Personal Care & Cosmetics Processing Software?

BatchMaster Software personal care & cosmetics manufacturing software enables companies to streamline and scale up operations, while reducing costs and complying with stricter regulatory and customer requirements quickly and easily.

  • Track progress of samples
  • Allow multiple developers to work on separate formula and packaging specs
  • Employ industry and user defined equations
  • Dynamically adjust formulas to meet physical and cost target values
  • Perform side by side comparison of specs
  • Initiate multi-level approval workflows
  • Generate SDS reports and labels

More about Formulation
More about Packaging BOM

  • Dynamically adjust specs and yields based upon available inventory
  • Reserve inventory for customer orders
  • Auto link and schedule batch jobs
  • Manage equipment and resource availability and capacities
  • Auto generate lot numbers for intermediates and finished goods
  • Execute production related tasks via mobile devices
  • Automatically backflush inventory

More About Production

  • Establish QC and QA inspection, checklist, and special instruction libraries
  • Mandate task acknowledgements and quality data collection
  • Auto disposition any sub standard inventory
  • Generate customized COA reports
  • Manage deviation and non conformance situations

More About Quality Management

  • Define fixed, tiered and variable labor costs within specifications
  • Identify costs of consumables
  • Run what if cost analysis
  • Dynamically adjust recipes to meet cost target values
  • Consolidate demand using MRP and MPS for discount bulk purchases
  • Optimize resources utilization based upon MRP and MPS planning
  • Analyze expected vs actuals

More About Costing

  • Dynamically adjust formulas to meet physical and cost target values
  • Generate SDS reports and labels
  • Generate bidirectional lot traceability reports
  • Maintain full version control and audit history

More About Compliance

  • Auto assign lot numbers during receiving and production
  • Track the variable characteristics of inventory
  • View simultaneous dual units of measure
  • Select the right inventory based upon expiry dates, certifications and status
  • Reserve inventory for batch jobs
  • Optimize inventory levels using automated planning and procurement

More About Inventory

  • Determine planning horizons and calendars
  • Consider vendor delivery, order forecasts and planned production
  • Prioritize customer orders
  • Consolidate demand
  • Link and schedule related batch order and runs
  • Generate synchronized purchase orders

More About Planning

More About Scheduling

  • Inbound receiving and putaway tasks
  • Batch production functions and WIP inventory movements
  • QC tests and special instruction tasks
  • Outbound pick, pack and ship tasks
  • Inventory adjustments, cycle counts and warehouse transfers

More About Mobile Warehousing

  • Access real-time, accurate actionable data
  • Employ drill down, role-based dashboards with graphical components
  • Get quick data access using “favorite” shortcuts
  • Customize industry inquiries and reports, as well as run ad-hoc queries

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BatchMaster Mobile Warehousing and Production

BatchMaster Mobile Warehousing & Production

Our complimentary webinar will demonstrate these key mobile transactions that can increase user productivity and facility throughput:

  • PO Receiving & Putaway
  • Production Raw Material Picking & Issuing
  • QC Tests & Checklists
  • Production Finished Good Receiving & Putaway
  • Customer Order Picking & Shipping
  • Inventory Movements, Counting & Adjustments

Tuesday, November 7 @ 11 am PST / 2 pm EST
Duration: Approx. 1 hour


Cosmetics Brochure

Cosmetics Brochure

A 6 page brochure addressing the challenges and requirements of chemical manufacturers, and the features and benefits of BatchMaster ERP for Cosmetics.



Functional Checklist

A 2 page data sheet describing key functions used in formulation, production, quality and other processes that are critical in chemical production.



Speed Product Development

See the Personal Care & Cosmetics development software features you need to quickly create formulas and finished goods and move them from R&D into production.

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Streamline Production

Learn how our Personal Care & Cosmetics production software can quickly and easily streamline and scale up your operations and better manage your inventory.

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Comprehensive QC & QA

Discover the quality control & quality assurance software features that can ensure the continuous flow of high quality products as you scale up production.

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Lot Traceability & Recall

See how our lot management capabilities enable you to expedite traceability and recall activities

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