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ERP Inventory Management System

Ensure order fulfillment, while reducing waste and carrying costs

Inventory addresses the management of ingredients and raw materials from receiving into production, and the management of intermediate and finished goods products from production to shipping. Inventory records are tracked and updated by many BatchMaster processes, in terms of their QC statuses, weights, volumes, and units of measure quantities, as well as plant locations and licenses.

Product developers see inventory costs when adding ingredients and materials to formulas and assemblies, respectively. Production staff can allocate the best inventory for batch jobs, adjust inventory characteristics and move inventory from one location to another, or between plants. In addition, production staff record actual batch job yields, including QC statuses per produced lot. And management has full visibility to all inventory movements and inventory levels, based upon various inventory characteristics, including a simultaneous view of weight, volume, and quantity in various units of measure.

Inventory Management Process Flow Diagram

Process manufacturing features that will change the way you work

Inventory management Software allows you to effectively manage your inventory balances using these transactions:

  • View simultaneous dual units of measure

  • Adjust and convert weights, volumes, and units of measures

  • Manage strengths / potency and other industry specific variable properties

  • Maintain expiration dates (i.e. FIFO, LIFO and FEFO)

  • Support allergen, organic, Kosher, Halal and other industry specific types

  • Maintain product certifications

  • Reserve inventory lots

  • Perform periodic inventory checks

  • Assign user defined QC statuses

  • Initiate and execute inventory movements, including warehouse transfers


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