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Hemp Processing Software Solutions Streamline Extraction, Distillation & Isolation Processes

ERP Software for Hemp Processing

BatchMaster Software offers formula-based manufacturing solutions that can easily streamline and quickly scale up your cannabinoid and terpene production.

Leveraging over 25 years in the chemical and life sciences industries, our manufacturing software can support your unique requirements in the areas of product development, production, inventory, quality, costing, lot traceability & recall, planning & scheduling, mobile warehousing, and compliance & reporting.

Our hemp processing software is available as an add-on manufacturing application for leading financials, such as QuickBooks, as well as an end to end ERP application that supports financials, sales, purchasing, supply chain, customer service, and manufacturing. Ecommerce, EDI, small parcel shipping, CRM and other integrated business applications are available with our manufacturing applications. Our cloud applications offer monthly subscription programs, or you can simply purchase the on-premise application to run on your local server.

A Few Software Features That Can Grow Your Business

Lab Formulation for Hemp Industry

Speed Formulation & Customer Quotes

  • Create unique formulations and concentrates, including process settings
  • Gain multi-level approvals for specifications
  • Generate accurate customer quotes
Inventory Management in Hemp Industry

Manage Inventory

  • Track biomass by farm, crop, batch job, etc.
  • View inventory by weight, volume and units
  • Manage by strain, QC status, etc.
Manage Production in Hemp Manufacturing

Control Production Processes

  • Manage CBD production of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Track solvents usage plus gas, heat and pressure settings
  • Account for production conversions, losses and waste
  • Manage toll processing and fees.

Employ Barcodes and Mobile Devices

  • Execute production and manufacturing tasks via mobile
  • Employ scanners, RF units, smart phones and tablets
  • Generate barcoded labels and lists
Ensure Quality Control in Hemp Industry

Ensure Quality

  • Manage COA and 3rd party lab results on herbicides, pesticides, toxins, heavy metals, and cannabinoid profiles.
  • Establish inspection plans, checklists and customer specific SOP’s
  • Generate CofA’s
Exceed Traceability & Compliance Mandates

Exceed Traceability & Compliance Mandates

  • Generate product labels and detailed audit reports
  • Generate and validate lot numbers
  • Provide one click traceability searches and recalls

BatchMaster Cloud & On-Premise Applications for Hemp Processing

BatchMaster Software’s add-on Manufacturing Application and end to end ERP offer simple, intuitive and personalized controls, plus automated functions and real-time actionable data so that your staff can make more informed decisions, faster, in these areas:


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You Drive The Software Demonstration!

Join us for a series of interactive demonstrations of our process manufacturing, as well as our ‘front office’ sales, purchasing, financials, and CRM capabilities.

Nutra/Life Sciences/CBD

Nutra/Life Sciences/CBD

Front Office Processes

Front Office Processes

Upcoming Live Webinar

Ensure Compliance and Traceability

Join us on our webinar as we demonstrate the following functions:
  • Manage Multiple Versions of Formula and Packaging Specifications
  • Generate Ingredient and other Product Labels
  • Maintain Electronic Batch Records
  • Perform Traceability Searches and Recalls

Wednesday, July 1
11 am PST / 2 pm EST

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