BatchMaster ERP Sales Management

Improve your business performance and profitability with BatchMaster ERP, which offers SAP Business One’s world class Sales Management capabilities for Food, Chemical, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical manufacturers.
Track sales opportunities and activities from first contact to sales quotations and orders to delivery notes and AR Invoices.
Quickly create quotes, enter orders, and manage invoices, incoming payments, and credits for returns
Take advantage of dynamic reports to obtain a time-phased view of business data to readily spot trends, patterns, and behaviors of sales opportunities


Our extensive food, chemical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry sales management capabilities enable you to close new business and retain existing customers, while ensuring the highest margins.

Opportunity Management

Record every sales opportunity, from lead identification of the customer through discovery, qualification, proposal, closing, and after-sales service and support. You can even enter details of the opportunity, including the source, potential deal size, closing date, competitors, and activities.


Opportunity Analysis

Analyze opportunities by lead source, territory, industry, customer, and item. The reports show forecasts and anticipated revenue by various date ranges, such as month and quarter. You can view distribution of leads by source over time to identify the most profitable lead-generation activities.


Sales Quotation

Create sale quotations for your leads and customers using accurate formulation and finished goods manufacturing data. You can calculate gross profit for each quotation, readily review the sales price history, and, once you create a quotation, quickly deliver customized sales related documents to customers and business partners, thanks to the full Microsoft Outlook synchronization.


Order Management

Simplify entry of sales orders by accessing item availability information through an available-to-promise report across multiple warehouses. When a shortage arises, choose to order from a list of alternative items or allow the item quantity to be partially delivered. Orders can support different delivery dates and ship-to addresses for each line item, and you can automatically create purchase orders from a sales order and drop-ship the items to the customer’s site.



Generate packaging documentation for all goods shipped to a customer. The built-in packaging function facilitates the “virtual input” of items into different parcels when a delivery is created. You can store the delivery tracking number and access the shipping status within the delivery note with the click of a mouse. The software automatically updates warehouse quantities when you make a delivery.


Dynamic Reports

Obtain a unique, time-phased view of business data with the dynamic opportunity-analysis report, which enables you to readily spot trends, patterns, and behaviors of sales opportunities and personnel.


BatchMaster ERP Sales Order Management

This 16 min video addresses sales order processing transactions, such as customer history and pricing & discounts, which are used by our food, chemical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical customers.
BatchMaster ERP Analytics

BatchMaster ERP Analytics

This 6 min video gives you an overview of role-based dashboard reporting and analytics.


As a SAP OEM / VAR partner, BatchMaster has embedded our leading formula-based, process manufacturing modules within the SAP Business One architecture, extended its database structure and enhanced its utilities. Users have one login, use one user interface, and access one database. BatchMaster sells, implements, and supports our process manufacturing ERP solution without any SAP or 3rd party consultants.



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