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BatchMaster ERP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Improve your business performance and profitability with BatchMaster ERP, which offers SAP Business One’s world class Customer Relationship Management capabilities for Food, Chemical, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical manufacturers.

No need to run a separate standalone or integrated CRM solution. With built-in CRM functionality, you gain full control over customer and partner opportunities, acquisition and retention. Tightly integrated functions across marketing, sales, and service provide end-to-end visibility for the complete lifecycle.

Service call functions provide support for service operations, service contract management, service planning, customer interaction activity tracking, and customer support.

BatchMaster ERP CRM Functionality

Our extensive food, chemical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry CRM capabilities enable you to strengthen customer and vendor relationships through improved tracking of marketing, sales and service activities.

Business Partner Management

Business Partner Management

Manage all information about customers, resellers, and suppliers, including e-mail addresses, profiles, sales reports, activities, and account balances. Dynamic dashboards give you visibility to business partner activities, including sales or purchasing trends and history

Service Contracts

Service Contracts

Maintain detailed information about items sold to customers. Create a regular support or warranty contract for items or services sold to customers, including specific contract terms, such as guaranteed response and resolution times.

Service Calls

Service Calls

Create and report on service calls for specific customers, items and/or services, problem type, status & priority, and assigned teams or individual technicians. In addition to maintain a service call history, be alerted to any overdue activities.

BatchMaster ERP Videos

BatchMaster ERP CRM

This 16 min video gives you an overview of the essential CRM transactions, which are used by our food, chemical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical customers.


BatchMaster ERP & Boyum IT Features

This 6 min video shows you the steps to viewing then delivering critical manufacturing data via text and email using Boyum Usability routines.


BatchMaster ERP Analytics

This 6 min video gives you an overview of role-based dashboard reporting and analytics.


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