Offering turnkey production-to-promotion solutions of nutritional supplements, Nutrivo, LLC has selected BatchMaster Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics GP to optimize their manufacturing process. This experienced, family-owned business with ultra-modern facilities is focused on blending and packaging nutritional powders and required a process manufacturing ERP solution that could keep up with their growth. Through their leadership, Nutrivo management was able to pinpoint the top process manufacturing ERP solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP which addresses their specialized, nutritional, recipe-based requirements. Nutrivo will use BatchMaster to optimize their production planning and scheduling functions and to shift to a single business platform. Read More

BatchMaster Software, a leading provider of ERP solutions for formula-based manufacturers was listed in the “20 Most Promising Food and Beverage Technology Solution Providers for 2016” by CIOReview. This annual list is selected by a CIOReview executive selection panel (which includes CIOs, CTOs and other qualified food and beverage industry leaders) and can be used to help manufacturers with their manufacturing ERP selection process. Food and beverage manufacturers have unique industry requirements, and the CIOReview list provides further confirmation of vital software choices for the industry. Read More

A highly recognized chemical manufacturer of janitorial supplies and concrete engineering products chooses BatchMaster Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics GP to replace its obsolete ERP solution. BatchMaster Manufacturing ERP software will be utilized for the entire operation and will be replacing Sage PFW, an ERP solution retired by Sage. The chemical manufacturer provides environmentally friendly and economical janitorial solutions, meeting institutional needs for customers in the Caribbean region. BatchMaster is a logical replacement for Sage PFW due to its fit for process manufacturers, and the full solution accommodates both manufacturing and financial needs in a single ERP solution. With BatchMaster, the chemical manufacturing company will gain efficiencies across all business processes and gain access to critical data for improved decision making. Read More

Software Advice released their eBook “Key Criteria for ERP Software Selection” helping manufacturing companies get started and narrow down their ERP selection. In this process, you must ‘Identify a Short List of Vendors’. Considerations are your Niche, your Budget, your Deployment Preferences, your Must-Haves. Read More

The sweet fragrance coming from a leading Southern California cookie and candy manufacturer just got more fragrant as the company selects BatchMaster ERP with SAP Business One to replace its outdated, legacy ERP solution. The private-label manufacturing company bakes up some of the biggest brands consumed, and leaders from their organization are enthusiastic to standardize on a single solution, moving from several separate products. The company will use BatchMaster ERP with SAP Business One for recipe management, planning, scheduling, production and all facets of order and financial management. The company made its careful selection of BatchMaster ERP to support its strong reputation for quality having received the BRC “A” grade for food safety and quality. Read More

While reading recent recall notices posted by the FDA and several food publications, I came across – “Undeclared milk contents prompts Pringles to recall”. Being my favorite brand of chips, I was interested to know if I have any of those recalled cans on my kitchen shelf. Reading further, I learned that the recall was limited- only one hour’s worth production of Pringles Original 5.68 ounce, due to non-declaration of milk particles. When alerted by a customer, Kellogg Company detected that only 75 cans have been impacted by inadvertent exposure to a seasoning containing milk. These cans were distributed to seven customer warehouses that supply retail stores nationwide. Fortunately, no cases of illness or allergies were reported.

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A California-based Sparkling Juice Manufacturer with worldwide distribution has selected BatchMaster ERP with SAP Business One for their company’s complete ERP process manufacturing solution. The globally recognized company determined that BatchMaster ERP would be the system of choice due to its ability to manage the entire production planning process. The solution addresses their comprehensive scheduling needs beginning with material receipt and includes optimizing both procurement and production. Meeting their scheduling needs along with seamless integration with SAP Business One were critical factors in their selection of BatchMaster ERP. Read More

Mcilpack is getting a ‘Technology Makeover’ with its recent selection of BatchMaster ERP with SAP Business One bringing its complete manufacturing and financial ERP requirements into a single solution. Mcilpack chose BatchMaster to replace disparate solutions to streamline their data management and provide better access to critical reports for effective decision-making. Unique factors such as commitment to their industry, flexible units of measure and generating product labels along with seamless integration with SAP Business One financials made BatchMaster an ideal selection for Mcilpack. Read More

Software Advice released their eBook “How to Avoid ERP Implementation Failures” giving practical input and summarizing with ‘Best Practices’. Best Practice #4 is ‘Know what you need and know what you’re buying’. We all know how important it is to do your homework when making a significant investment for your organization. And there are resources available to us making this easier than ever. When doing your homework for an ERP investment, researching online is only the start. Let’s see what Software Advice has to say on this topic. Read More

BatchMaster Software welcomes Willow Tree Poultry Farm to the BatchMaster Community. Willow Tree has selected BatchMaster ERP with SAP Business One to improve visibility, inventory tracking and production management within its operations. As a company committed to freshness and quality, Willow Tree is also moving to BatchMaster ERP to elevate their quality metrics and HAACP compliance. Read More