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Damascus Bakery selects BatchMaster ERP to meet the growing demand for its savory, wholesome breads and bread products

Damascus Bakery selects BatchMaster ERP to meet the growing demand for its savory, wholesome breads and bread products

Damascus Bakery selected BatchMaster ERP for Food to replace their existing QuickBooks application to support their growth. BatchMaster ERP is an end to end ERP solution, based upon the SAP Business One platform, that supports financials, sales, purchasing, supply chain and customer service, in addition to food manufacturing.

Since 1930, Damascus Bakery has grown from a local storefront bakery in Brooklyn to multiple facilities and a wholesale distribution network that serves loyal consumers in all fifty states. Today, the company offers an extensive bakery line of pitas, lahvash wraps, paninis, flat bread roll-ups, and pizza crusts that are now being sold in international markets.

Damascus Bakery employed QuickBooks, PRIMS, Genesis, SPS Commerce, Safety Chain and spreadsheets that required double entry and excessive data maintenance across departments. Operations relied heavily on spreadsheets to calculate production KPI’s and other system data. Data crunching activities would take anywhere from a day to a week, and therefore may be out of date and inaccurate by the time the reports were available. Management recognized that with their expansion to a 3rd facility, maintaining data entry staff at each location was simply unreliable and cost prohibitive.

Damascus Bakery selected BatchMaster ERP because it was a unified, food centric ERP application built upon SAP Business One, a leading global software platform that supports a large ecosystem, including the integration of Damascus Bakery’s 3rd party point solutions.

Timothy Rizk, Director of Finance, stated “We will now be able to follow best business practices across all departments, streamline our operations and make smarter business decisions, faster, which was something that was extremely difficult to achieve with our disparate software applications.”

BatchMaster ERP’s product development capabilities enable their food scientists to quickly and effectively customize the company’s product lines to meet customer specifications, in terms of size, shape, flavor, bite, nutritional needs and cost. With the system’s MRP and MPS modules, Damascus Bakery can better utilize its resources to support its growing private label and co-packing business. And with comprehensive lot management capabilities and a graphical bidirectional lot traceability and recall tool, Damascus Bakery can exceed SQF lot traceability and recall mandates, as well as customer specific recall requirements.

“Our staff is excited about being able to focus more on problem solving and process improvements, than on tedious data entry activities”, explains Tim Rizk. “BatchMaster ERP for Food has the right tools to help us grow and expand our business.”

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