BatchMaster Manufacturing continues to be a driving force behind Forsythe Lubricant’s growth since 2013

BatchMaster Manufacturing continues to be a driving force behind Forsythe Lubricant’s growth since 2013


BatchMaster Manufacturing continues to be a driving force behind Forsythe Lubricant’s growth since 2013

Forsythe Lubrication Associates Ltd., a privately owned Contract Blending Service company manufacturing industrial and automotive fluids and lubricants in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada since 1911, switched to BatchMaster in 2013. They replaced a DOS system that was too difficult to export data from to Excel for meaningful analysis.

Forsythe have just completed the second upgrade to their BatchMaster ERP system, which means they will join the extensive list of BatchMaster customers who have used the software for 10, and many more, years.

Being able to easily analyse and manipulate data was a big part of Forsythe’s original selection criteria. They have a big emphasis on Health & Safety, Quality and minimizing Environmental impact, so they need comprehensive data to monitor these areas as well. Forsythe integrated BatchMaster to their existing Microsoft GP financial software and both integrated very nicely with Microsoft Office.

Smitty Forsythe, Chief Financial Officer, said “BatchMaster software is right-sized for our business in terms of functionality out of the box, and no changes were needed to our hardware setup to accommodate it”.

They had two main expectations in implementing BatchMaster: To improve the ability to export and analyse data to improve strategic decision making; and to make the software easier to use and help prevent errors by having a more user friendly interface. Mr. Forsythe reports that both expectations were completely met. Benefits have been real across the entire business, as Forsythe use the software to make decisions every day regarding quoting, inventory stock points and historical trends, in addition to the expected regular functionality of just issuing/making/posting batches, ordering materials, and invoicing customers. Forsythe will now move onto utilizing the MPS (Master Production Scheduling) and MRP (Material Requirements Planning) functionality to improve their planning.

Forsythe’s expectations of support were also fully met. Mr Forsythe said: “Implementations are always challenging, and hurdles are to be expected, but the support team at BatchMaster has been available and ready to help during any implementation or upgrades so that the issues can be solved quickly. The initial training was very helpful because we had someone on-site for several days to help everyone work through the steps of the various processes in real time with real examples”.

He added: “After initial training the software manuals and online information has been very helpful and readily available”.

Forsythe Lubrication joins the growing list of BatchMaster ‘customers for life’. BatchMaster continues to be the driving force behind Forsythe’s company growth since 2013 with BatchMaster’s ability to provide meaningful data for analysis and great support and documentation.

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