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Lab & Formulation

Dynamically adjust formulas during both product development and production to meet specified target physical or nutritional characteristics.

Packaging BOM

Packaging BOM

Manage raw materials, costs, and instructions for sub-assembly and top-level packaging separate from formulas.

Batch Production

Create and schedule the optimal number of batch jobs required for a product formula and its multiple packaging configurations, based upon the aggregate demand for the given product.

Quality Control

From vendor inspection plans to formula and finished good QC testing, establish a comprehensive QC program that ensures the delivery of quality products to your customers.

Tracking & Compliance

Tracking & Compliance

Keep compliant with industry- specific and federal regulations, in terms of labeling, lot traceability reports, transactional audit reports, and shipping documentation.

Product Costing

Product Costing

Roll up existing and theoretical product costs, as well as fixed, tiered, and scalable costs, to formulas, intermediates, and finished goods during product development.


Manage inventory based upon quality status, units of measure, expiration date, lot number, strength, license, serial number, and location to ensure the right inventory is available for manufacturing and distribution activities.

Planning & Scheduling

Planning & Scheduling

Gain granular visibility to available raw material, intermediate, and finished goods inventories, as well as current batch production jobs, in order to employ economies of scale when negotiating purchasing discounts and optimizing batch production schedules.

Mobile Warehousing

Employ smart phones & tablets to execute inventory movements and adjustments within one or more facilities, including receiving, putaway, cycle counting, production, pick, pack, and ship tasks.

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Need assistance in determining your best solution
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