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Tracking & Compliance

Lot Traceability and Compliance

Protect your brand and avoid unnecessary fines

Industry specific compliance processes are built into every facet of BatchMaster applications to ensure federal and industry specific regulatory mandates are met.

Product developers can adjust specifications using USDA, Genesis and user defined product databases to ensure label claims are being met. BatchMaster’s FDA module generates compliant FDA nutritional fact panels. Powered by Lisam EXESS, a 3rd party solution, BatchMaster’s SDS module generates compliant SDS reports and labels.

By enforcing the capture of item, user and location data as inventory is received, produced, shipped, and moved within or across one’s facilities, this digital trail can be quickly searched to determine where and when issues may have occurred, and what specific products would have been affected. With a graphical lot traceability and recall tool, staff can quickly track and trace suspect items from receiving through shipping, shipping back to receiving, or anywhere within WIP in order to meet and exceed GFSI BRC / SQF product traceability and recall mandates, plus limit the scope of item recalls.

BatchMaster software maintains a history of key transactional history for auditor reports (e.g. Master Batch Records for FDA review).

Process manufacturing features that will change the way you work

Compliance helps you meet today’s ever more stringent regulatory mandates as well as achieve and retaining various industry certifications, such as a GFSI Advanced Food Safety Certification.

  • Alert product developers that a given formula’s ingredients exceed industry established percentages or recommended daily intake levels

  • Support the special processing and reporting of allergens and organic ingredients, as well as of Kosher and Halal products

  • Support Food related labeling and reporting requirements, including GMP, FDA and GFSA requirements

  • Support Chemical related labeling and reporting requirements, including GMP, SARA Type III, REACH, HAZMAT, SDS, MSDS and INCI requirements

  • Run graphical bidirectional lot traceability inquiries and recall reports

  • Maintain master batch records and other key transactional audit records

Speed Lot Traceability & Recall



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