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Product Costing

Product Costing

Ensure you get the highest margin for your products

Costing capabilities are found throughout the production and distribution processes to ensure that your finished goods meet your corporate and customer’s expectations. Product development formulation and packaging bills of material take into account the costs of raw materials and consumables as well as projected costs associated to fixed setup charges, scalable labor, tiered labor, markups, margins and losses. Projected costs will be adjusted based upon the total batch size at time of production and any modifications of the batch job specifications. Further production costing analysis, such as actuals vs expected, can be performed by management using various dashboards and reports.

Costing Process Diagram

Process manufacturing features that will change the way you work

With a tighter control over product and process costs from the time of product development through batch production, you can reduce your bottom line.

  • Cost raw material based upon inventory evaluation methods in formulation

  • Apply fixed, tiered and variable labor costs in formulation

  • Add consumable costing in formulation

  • Perform What If cost analysis in formulation

  • Capture actual cost in production

  • Analyze expected vs actual costs



DS Costing image

This data sheet provides a summary of
pre and post production costing capabilities
used by BatchMaster customers


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