Integrated Payment Processing with ERP

Integrated Payment Processing with iPayment from Boyum IT Solutions

BatchMaster Software’s partnership with Boyum IT Solutions provides BatchMaster ERP users a credit card payment solution that simplifies the accounting process, cuts down time spent on reconciling payments, and provides extra security for them and their customers. Boyum IT is a certified SAP Business One partner and their B1 iPayment solution is SAP validated, which means the integration passed rigorous testing and can be deployed without having to do any additional coding – making setup quick and easy. Additionally, since B1 iPayment only stores the tokenized versions of credit card details collected from your customers in your SAP Business One, it offers utmost security and is PCI compliant.

Some key features of B1 iPayment from Boyum:

  • Increases your revenue streams by offering more payment options
  • PCI compliance reduces the need for audit
  • Encrypts and tokenizes customer payment information
  • Works with multiple payment gateways
  • Supports multiple credit cards in a single transaction
  • Accepts credit, debit, and ACH payments directly in BatchMaster ERP with SAP Business One
  • Credit card details automatically update in your BatchMaster ERP with SAP Business One

With iPayment from Boyum IT Solutions, BatchMaster ERP users now have options in receiving customer payments, and the opportunity to reduce processing costs.