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BatchMaster Manufacturing to improve production planning and scheduling at Venus Wafer

BatchMaster Manufacturing to improve production planning and scheduling at Venus Wafer

BatchMaster Manufacturing app’s seamless integration to Venus Wafers existing Sage 100 app will accelerate its implementation, resulting in a faster time to value benefit.

For the last 91 years, Venus Wafers Inc. have been making Crackers from 100% natural ingredients in Hingham, coastal Massachusetts.

For the past 15 years they had been using Sage 100 software to manage their business. They were still on Sage 100 2015 because, said CFO Richard Hausman “there had been no appreciable improvements worth implementing”. While Sage 100 offered limited manufacturing functionality, Venus Wafers recognized they needed some key tools that were important to any company in the food industry. These tools included production scheduling, material requirements planning, CRM, QA, and Lot control.

Venus Wafers went looking for a solution that would meet those needs, with an implementation that would cause the least possible disruption to their manufacturing. They know a thing or two about continuity – the business is run today by the grandson of the original founder. The business is not seasonal, so there is no significant downtime in which to manage an implementation.

Richard Hausman found what he was looking for in BatchMaster ERP (BME) which integrated with the Sage 100 they were already using. This meant they could retain all their historical information without re-keying or data transfer to a new system. This of course meant that the implementation time was significantly reduced, and training likewise required much less time. All-in-all, they would be able to achieve the rapid deployment they both desired and needed to minimize disruption.

The selection team at Venus Wafers were impressed with the professionalism of the BatchMaster team, finding they had an excellent understanding of how their software could solve Venus Wafers problems and gaps.

Chief among their expectations of the BatchMaster system is vastly improved production scheduling, leading to more timely product availability information for their customers.

Operationally, they expect more coordination between departments and a reduction in manual procedures bringing their data into “one set of the truth.”

Venus Wafers are justifiably proud of the certifications they have achieved, with corresponding on-going monitoring. They are audited by BRCS, and are certified Organic, Kosher-Approved, Non-GMO, and Vegan. BatchMaster’s Food Vertical has the functionality to track and manage all these certifications and more.

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