Elevating manufacturing: Kutol’s criteria behind its selection of BatchMaster Manufacturing Software

Elevating manufacturing: Kutol’s criteria behind its selection of BatchMaster Manufacturing Software

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BatchMaster Software is proud to announce a significant milestone in Kutol’s journey towards operational excellence and innovation. After a meticulous evaluation process, Kutol has selected the BatchMaster Manufacturing solution to replace its legacy manufacturing solution. BatchMaster Software’s formula-based, process manufacturing modules will be deployed within Kutol’s existing SAP Business One platform to support the company’s manufacturing and warehousing operations.

Founded in 1912, Kutol is well known in the chemical manufacturing industry, boasting a legacy that spans more than a century. Operating from its LEED Silver Certified Facility in the USA, Kutol specializes in crafting high-quality hand care products, including soaps, sanitizers, industrial cleaners, and dispensing systems for the “away from home” market. With a unique focus on customization, the company tailors formulations and packaging to provide clients with a competitive edge, excelling in private label,and contract manufacturing.


For over a decade, Kutol navigated the challenges of its current software system, which was highly customized to meet the needs of their operations. As a result of several software vendor acquisitions, this software was no longer being supported as an add-on for SAP Business One . This lack of support created several instances where Kutol was forced to use older technologies, and prevented them from modernizing some of their processes.

“Knowing that our current manufacturing software was no longer supported and with our desire to continue the modernization of the company’s IT and software infrastructure, our team launched an extensive selection process to find the next and best ERP system to bring our company into the future”, explained Brandon Jones, VP of Sales & Marketing at Kutol.


Kutol intended to replace its existing ERP system with a proven, commercial off -the -shelf (COTS) ERP system. Kutol’s goal was to take advantage of a modern ERP system that is designed around best practices allowing Kutol to streamline, and improve processes that result in timely, accurate, and easy to access information. More specifically, the new ERP system was evaluated against the following objectives:

  • Be FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.
  • Provide robust Lot Tracing reports (both Forward and Backward traceability).
  • Provide the ability to assign Quality statuses to inventory and ensure inventory that does not have the status of Quality “Released” is unable to be used in production or shipped.
  • To ensure proper Segregation of Duties by assigning Authorizations to User Groups/Users to limit access.
  • Have Change Tracking on modules, including Add-ons to determine what changed, when and by whom.
  • Have an MRP/MPS module for Purchasing/Production recommendations with pegging to show demand.  Streamline the process for creating Purchase Orders/Production Orders, and limit the recommendations based on Quality status/warehouse requirements and allow for planning on multiple warehouses.
  • Ensure accuracy of revenue and costs by utilizing price list functionality for both Customers and Vendors.  Need to be able to have multiple price lists.
  • Have (or be integrated with) a Warehouse Management System (Data Collection System) that mirrors the ERP for transacting and be able to use RFID devices to transact within the module.
  • Provide interface capabilities or embedded solutions with third party systems (EDI & API connections).
  • Ensure business segment growth by being able to handle Serialized Shipping Container Codes (SSCC).
  • Be capable to do Blind Bill of Ladings to ensure our customers’ needs are met.
  • Be a Perpetual Inventory System
  • Value and record inventory to the GL at Moving Average costing, or something similar.
  • Eliminate the need for manual reporting and approvals with Workflows capabilities.
  • Ease of accessing information through Drilldown capabilities and relationship mapping on transactions.
  • Be integrated with Office 365.

Kutol considered a number of end-to-end ERP solutions, as well as advanced manufacturing applications that could be seamlessly integrated to our existing SAP Business One ERP, including BatchMaster Software’s chemical manufacturing add-on solution.

BatchMaster Manufacturing is an SAP certified, integrated solution that offers advanced manufacturing and warehousing features, specifically in chemical formulation, packaging management, costing inventory, batch production, quality, planning scheduling, lot traceability & recall, industry specific compliance, and mobile warehousing.

The Kutol selection team felt it was clear through the RFQ process that BatchMaster’s application was built from the ground up for chemical operations. BatchMaster’s onsite demonstration proved it met more of their desired outcomes and requirements than many of the competitive systems. As an add-on for SAP Business One, the application brought a level of familiarity to Kutol’s users, which will make acceptance and adoption, faster and easier.

In addition to implementing BatchMaster Manufacturing, Kutol is upgrading their on-premise SAP Business One application to the latest version to take advantage of the enhanced features in sales, purchasing, accounting, distribution, and CRM.

Brandon Jones, VP of Sales & Marketing, says their selection of BatchMaster Manufacturing as follows, “The decision to choose BatchMaster was rooted in its ability to exceed our expectations. BatchMaster’s on-site demonstration showcased a solution that not only met but surpassed our desired outcomes. As an SAP Business One integrated solution, BatchMaster Manufacturing brought a level of familiarity to our team, ensuring a smoother transition and quicker adoption”.


Taking advantage of digital batch instructions, integrated quality checks, and streamlined transactional processing, the application will help redefine efficiencies in Kutol’s manufacturing operations. BatchMaster Manufacturing will empower each of Kutol’s departments to enhance their business processes, ensuring that the company continues to meet and exceed their customer expectations.

Brandon Jones summarizes the company’s expectations, “We believe that BatchMaster Software as a partner can provide stability to a critical piece of our IT infrastructure and act as an improvement in the tools used in our manufacturing operation. Solidifying this area of our business will allow us to focus on continuing to grow with both current and new customers”.

For more information, contact:

John Garcia, jgarcia@batchmaster.com
(949) 583-1646 Ext. 289

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