BatchMaster provides the assurance and insurance for Drucker Labs’ ability to meet regulatory track and trace requirements

BatchMaster provides the assurance and insurance for Drucker Labs’ ability to meet regulatory track and trace requirements


BatchMaster provides the assurance and insurance for Drucker Labs’ ability to meet regulatory track and trace requirements

Drucker Labs, LP manufactures dietary supplements and relies daily on Batchmaster to meet its and its customers’ needs. 

BatchMaster has been Drucker Labs’ regulatory solution since 2010. Over a decade ago, FDA requirements changed for all companies who were manufacturing dietary supplements.  Tracking materials from “cradle to grave” OR from ingredient receipt to its customer distribution was mandatory.  

Drucker Labs has over 415 ingredients in its products and had to find a way to meet these new regulations.

Dr. Drucker needed a solution that was affordable, easy-to-implement, and would pass the rigor required by the FDA.  After evaluating NetSuite, WASP, and other solutions, he and his team determined that the best fit would be BatchMaster.  It provided the rigor that the FDA required, the price and the security features that were a must for Dr. Drucker and his formulas.  BatchMaster was able to meet those challenges AND they were able to integrate a solution with Drucker Labs’ eCommerce front-end. 


BatchMaster provided a dedicated project manager to work on-site with the Drucker Labs team.  The manager helped them to identify the components that needed to be integrated into the application and to configure the system so that the end results were FDA compliant and that all costs could be captured for better visibility around all aspects of the business.  

“There was a fair amount of preparation both from BatchMaster and from us.  The actual cutover to the Live System was supported by BatchMaster both on-site and off-site to help with any system issues.

We had great training before the cutover and afterwards.  The team stayed in touch to assist with any minor issues we encountered after implementation. Considering where we came from, from zero to a full ERP system, the implementation went very well,” according to Sam Dharamsi, Head of Operations.


Drucker Labs’ initial goals were realized quickly. There was a cultural shift for the whole organization.  Throughout the training on the software, the BatchMaster project manager reinforced the regulatory requirements and how the business would need to work.  

“In terms of our capability as an organization to understand our inventory, our actual cost of goods sold, our waste even, those things have improved tremendously. You could call BatchMaster our insurance. It allows us to meet our regulatory needs. An unstructured recall could wipe us out as a company. Any call on data from a regulatory perspective, the organization really has to have the mechanisms to be able to do that. Thankfully, BatchMaster provided the means to meet that need for us.  We are thankful for BatchMaster every day and its continued positive impact on the business” – Sam Dharamsi.


Sam wanted to take an additional moment and speak about the support agreement.  “Drucker Labs was not an early adopter of the annual support agreement.  We realized the value and the fact that we missed out on multiple software upgrades about 2 years in.  We really see a lot of value in it and would recommend that all customers invest annually back in the platform.  BatchMaster’s responsiveness is excellent; the team is very knowledgeable about the issues; and the resolutions are timely. This is another component of the application that makes it more of a complete solution for us.”

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