Cheesecake Royale improves Lot Traceability with BatchMaster

Cheesecake Royale improves Lot Traceability with BatchMaster


Cheesecake Royale improves Lot Traceability with BatchMaster

Over the last 30 years, Cheesecake Royale has grown from a small family-owned Greek restaurant into a gourmet dessert manufacturer distributing all over the country. Operating out of a 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, Cheesecake Royale is still owned by the same family, and remains committed to the quality which fueled the demand for their products that led to their growth.

A need to keep accurate batch records for their GMP Audit Scoring brought the company to seek a new ERP system, led by Food Safety Manager Jessica Gump, who wanted an automated track & trace instead of keeping it by pen & paper.

After dismissing a number of vendors whose products were misrepresented, Cheesecake Royale chose BatchMaster over FlexiBake because of the strength of its Serial / Lot functionality. They found BatchMaster to be more in-depth and flexible, including the ability to reverse a batch if a mistake had been made.

The implementation went smoothly, although impacted by the on-going effects of the pandemic where staff turnover slowed progress. Their BatchMaster ERP runs in the cloud, and is integrated to QuickBooks financials.

Said Jessica “Now that the person who receives the ingredients into stock has a single definitive place where he can put everything, it makes assigning everything to batches way easier for me”. She is now working with the shipping department on assigning the batches out on POs, as that department is doing a lot of writing on paper.

The function that Jessica has been most looking forward to implementing is the Pick List. The company receives a PO, which turns into a sales order, which goes out the back to shipping, where the stock is pulled, palletized, and labeled. The freight company is called and out it goes. The freezer is set up for first-in, first-out, however production can drop eight more pallets in there over a lunchtime, obscuring the stock required for shipment. Having the Pick List going means shipping can actually get the freezer set up so they know where everything is, reach in and grab it.

Jessica told us “Right now, I’m pretty happy with BatchMaster. It does what I need it to do, it lets me keep track of things I need to keep track of. I have all my info in one place, and I am really OK with that.”

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