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Absolutely Natural – A Partner for Life

Absolutely Natural - A Partner for Life

Melbourne, Florida based Absolutely Natural, Inc. is a 29 year old manufacturing and distributing company featuring high quality, natural formulas. They first implemented BatchMaster’s ERP Software for skincare in 2012 and quickly came to rely on the system to process formulas, track inventory, create batch sheets and so much more. Since then, the company has grown to 5 times its original size, based on their unique marketing model of not only having their own brands they wholesale and retail on their web site, but also doing private branding for customers all over the world.

Such growth led them to re-evaluate their systems in late 2019, including their ERP solution.

The number of formulas Absolutely Natural works with approaches 300 and includes sun care, personal care, skincare, facial products and specialty butters. The inventory items, when you calculate raw materials for all of those formulas as well as hundreds of componentry options, are in the thousands and BatchMaster is a great tool to track all of that, said Charley Richards, president of Absolutely Natural. He went on to say that the decision to stay with BatchMaster was an easy one, while realizing they could obtain much greater benefit from the system by utilizing even more of its extensive features.

“We are now even more excited,” Mr Richards stated. “We had trainers in from BatchMaster and we are enhancing our current BatchMaster system and with these positive changes, we will be set to continue our growth.”

Charley also mentioned that the continuing support from BatchMaster has been expedient and efficient. “We are very pleased with the customer service,” he added.

Absolutely Natural’s decision to stay and grow with BatchMaster Manufacturing for QuickBooks demonstrates BatchMaster’s longevity and stability, together with outstanding customer support.

For more information, contact:

John Garcia, jgarcia@batchmaster.com
(949) 583-1646 Ext. 289

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