ERP for Speciality Chemicals

Accessa Accelerates its Growth Potential With Batchmaster

Accessa purchased BatchMaster Enterprise to help expand its organization to meet the continuing demand of its specialty chemicals and liquid coatings for wood, metal and plastic parts. Accessa believes “Having the right chemicals and coatings can be everything”, and as its business expands, Accessa acknowledges that having the right ERP solution for liquid coatings solution can be everything as well.

Accessa is quite familiar with BatchMaster, being a long-time user of Sage PFW with an earlier BatchMaster version. “We knew it was time to upgrade to the latest BatchMaster release and we were very comfortable with both BatchMaster and our local business partner, Marshall & Poe,” discussed Vince Todd Jr., VP of Accessa. “We chose BatchMaster Enterprise for Sage 300 based on its leading industry insight and capabilities. With goals to run our business more efficiently and better service our customers, we made our decision without hesitation.” Todd says that their long-time BatchMaster partner, Marshall & Poe, has an excellent grasp of their manufacturing business. Todd continues, “Both BatchMaster and Marshall & Poe have a strong familiarity with our industry and business. They can take us to the next level because when it comes to the process manufacturing business ‘They Get It’.”

Accessa is a family-owned Indiana based chemicals and coatings distribution and manufacturing business and has been serving the Midwest community since 1979. The company not only treats their employee like family but extends their family-like relationship to their customers. “We partner with our customers and deliver a total solution and we’re looking to expand to additional warehouses to better serve our customers,” shares Todd. “We’re excited to continue to partner with BatchMaster and Marshall & Poe to help us manage that growth better.”