Virun Nutra-BioSciences® selects BatchMaster ERP to help scale up its product formulation, manufacturing, and co-packing capabilities

Virun Nutra-BioSciences® selects BatchMaster ERP to help scale up its product formulation, manufacturing, and co-packing capabilities

Virun Background

Virun Nutra-BioSciences® selects BatchMaster ERP to help scale up its product formulation, manufacturing, and co-packing capabilities

Looking to further expand its product formulation, manufacturing, and co-packing capabilities, Virun Nutra-BioSciences® selected BatchMaster Software’s ERP solution built upon the SAP Business One platform to replace their existing ERP application.

Virun was founded in 2003 to create nutritious, great tasting and innovative formulations for the food, beverage, dietary supplement, and pharmaceutical industries. Since its inception, the company has developed over 50 product concentrates, over 100 commercialized products that allow difficult-to-dissolve, fortifiable ingredients into food and beverage applications that are associated with efficacious health claims and have worked with over 20 clients spanning across several industries.Virun not only creates medical grade pharmaceutical supplements, but also has expanded into the food and beverage market.Virun currently operates an FDA, USDA and cGMP certified facility in Pomona, CA where a variety of USDA certified organic, Kosher, non-GMO, natural products are produced. Many of these products can be found in leading retail chains, such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, Kroger, and Erewhon.

As a leading innovator in their field, Virun invests in and creates technologies that change the way people receive nutritious ingredients in their products. Employing an industry specific, process manufacturing ERP solution for their growing business was one of the company’s key investment strategies when it selected BatchMaster ERP.

“Having worked with other platforms, we could not find an all-in-one solution that helped combine accounting, manufacturing, and quality for a contract manufacturing/private label business. Batchmaster was able to provide us this solution”. – Philip Bromley / CEO & Co-Founder.


With over 100 patents and patent-pending technologies IP worldwide, Virun can quickly covert concepts into innovative custom bulk blends and finished products, including powders, liquids, pastes, and other product types. Today, the company is meeting its customers’ requirements by manually adjusting product ingredients in their specifications to meet specific nutritional target values, as well as incorporating and evaluating all-natural ingredients in these specifications. To help achieve these results, quickly and easily, the physical property and cost analysis capabilities in BatchMaster ERP’s Formulation module will be used to develop, compare, and auto adjust formula specifications for both intermediate and finished products.

“To be on top of our inventory needs, it was critical for our new ERP software to accurately take into account all raw materials, like salt, water, caps, and bottles, that are used in our unique production processes – and I can see that BatchMaster ERP does this really well”. – Philip Bromley / CEO & Co-Founder.

Virun offers both manufacturing and contract manufacturing, or private label/white label manufacturing of various products, including organic and Kosher certified products. With BatchMaster ERP Planning & Scheduling modules, batch jobs can be prioritized to meet ship dates, as well as sequenced to reduce equipment changeovers. When the same product is ordered in different packing configurations, the production software will be able to produce a ‘bulk’ amount to feed multiple packaging lines, thus maximizing the utilization of Virun’s labor force and equipment. During production, the QC team will ensure that all products have been properly tested and validated for purity using baseline and customer specified QC tests and SOPs, which are defined with the formula and packaging specifications.

“A big advantage of BatchMaster ERP over our previous system is that we are now able to forecast inventory needs earlier, thus improving lead times and increasing efficiencies, which allows Virun to stay competitive and provide the highest level of customer service”. – Philip Bromley / CEO & Co-Founder.

In compliance with FDA, USDA, and cGMP regulatory mandates, BatchMaster ERP generates the necessary documents and audit reports for Virun’s formulation, production, quality (e.g. customer specific COA’s), and co-packing processes. In addition, BatchMaster’s bi-directional lot tracking inquiry enables users to quickly search for suspect products at a click of a button, and if need be, generate the required recall letters.

“Being an industry specific, process manufacturing solution, BatchMaster ERP properly manages our inventory, shipping / receiving, quality control, and accounting. It allows our applications to talk to one another, which streamlines our processes and makes us more agile as a manufacturer”. – Philip Bromley / CEO & Co-Founder.


BatchMaster Software’s ‘fast track’ implementation methodology is being followed to get Virun live with BatchMaster ERP in 4 months. To achieve the highest time to value payback, senior consultants are on site at the Pomona, CA facility, where they are providing best practices guidance in the roll out of the essential ERP modules and features.

“The Batchmaster team was hands-on and great to work with throughout the implementation. They have configured the software, based on our workflows, which makes it easy to use and training much more intuitive”. – Philip Bromley / CEO & Co-Founder.

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