Mobile Warehousing


Increase productivity and throughput, while reducing errors

Warehouse staff employ BatchMaster’s Mobile Warehousing module to perform receiving, putaway, pick, pack and shipping tasks within their warehouse locations, in addition to quality, production, inventory adjustment and movement tasks.

To reduce rework and errors, the capture and validation of critical data captured via mobile warehouse transactions can be mandated by the system, before allowing the user to proceed to their next task. Mobile transactions update operational records in real time, so that all users and business processes are accessing the most accurate and up to date data.

This browser based application runs on a wide range of mobile platforms, including smart phones and tablets, as well as RF data collection devices, without the need for any third-party interfaces.

Used in conjunction with barcoded product and facility data, mobile warehousing & data collection increases user productivity and facility throughput, while eliminating data entry errors. In addition to executing various warehouse related tasks, the mobile warehousing module supports the following:

  • Provide on the spot inquiries for various processes, including batch jobs and inventory availability
  • Validate inventory location, license ID, quantity as well as lot and serial numbers
  • Generate required labels and reports from mobile transactions
  • Maintain historical records of key mobile warehouse transactions for audit purposes (e.g. lot traceability reports)