BatchMaster ERP

batchmaster ERP

An end to end process manufacturing ERP Solution on a world class platform

BatchMaster ERP is an affordable, easy-to-use ERP solution specifically designed for process manufacturers. As an OEM SAP solution, BatchMaster Software has combined best of class process manufacturing capabilities with SAP Business One, a world class ERP framework with leading financials, and then tailored it to specific process manufacturing industries.

This single, integrated solution manages all of your critical business functions and offers you :

  • Built-in process industry best practices to follow

  • Automated controls to streamline your process manufacturing operations

  • Full multi-currency support to operate globally

  • A real-time unified view of your business to drive business growth

An Integrated SAP Business One Solution

Features That Will Change the Way You Work


Growing Ecosystem

Add on SAP and 3rd party applications

Process manufacturing modules embedded within SAP Business One

A pre-configured industry solution with inbuilt best practices and time-saving features.

Lab & Formulation

  • Intermediate, co-product and by-product management
  • USDA and Genesis database
  • Target property analysis
  • Material and labor costs
  • Approval workflows
  • Version control and audit history

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Packaging BOMs

  • Multilevel assembly and container BOM management
  • Material and labor costs
  • Approval workflows
  • Version control and audit history

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Sample Management

  • Business communications management
  • Document management
  • USDA and Genesis database
  • Target property analysis
  • Approval workflows
  • Stage progression
  • Version control and audit history

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Batch Production

  • Inventory reservations
  • Inventory where used and shortage reporting
  • Production line & equipment assignments
  • Order consolidation
  • Batch job linking
  • Production scheduling
  • Batch ticket management
  • Inventory management (consumption, remaining balances)

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Inventory Management

  • Inventory variable characteristics and certifications
  • Simultaneous dual units of measure reporting
  • Inventory balances and where used reporting
  • Inventory reservation
  • Lot controlled inventory (e.g. auto lot number assignments)

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Quality Control

  • QC tests and library (e.g. inspection, stability)
  • Special instructions (library vs adhoc)
  • QC test data capture
  • Special instruction acknowledgements
  • Sub standard inventory disposition
  • Customized COA reports

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Cost Management

  • Raw material costing methods in formulation
  • Fixed, tiered and variable labor costing in formulation
  • Consumable costing in formulation
  • What if cost analysis in formulation
  • Actual cost data collection
  • Expected vs actuals analysis

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Traceability & Compliance

  • FDA and GHS compliant report and label generation
  • Bidirectional traceability reports
  • Recall reports
  • Audit history reports

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Master Production Scheduling

  • Planning horizons, calendars and other operating parameters
  • Vendor delivery, order forecasts and planned production visibility
  • Customer order prioritization
  • Demand consolidation
  • Batch order generation (e.g. synchronized and linked batch jobs)

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Material Requirements Planning

  • Planning horizons, calendars and other operating parameters
  • Vendor delivery, order forecasts and planned production visibility
  • Customer order prioritization
  • Demand consolidation
  • Procurement (e.g. synchronized purchase orders)

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Mobile Warehousing

  • Inbound receiving and putaway tasks
  • Batch production functions and WIP inventory movements
  • QC tests and special instruction tasks
  • Outbound pick, pack and ship tasks
  • Inventory adjustments, cycle counts and warehouse transfers

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What Our Customers Say

“One of the critical pieces of BatchMaster ERP was its ability to support our extensive MRP needs. If we don’t have excellent control on production and order demand, we could have back-orders that aren’t meeting our customer ship dates and this is unacceptable.”

Premier Research Labs

“We reviewed nearly 10 ERP solutions and found BatchMaster ERP to be the most comprehensive solution that would also be easy to learn and use for our staff and that could address the added complexities and regulations in food manufacturing.”

Bar Baker, LCC

“After stacking up process-manufacturing ERP solutions side-by-side after soliciting responses from nearly 30 ERP vendors, it was very exciting to find a solution that is designed for our industry, meeting most of our requirements right out of the box.”

Share Corp. & Athea Laboratories

SAP Business One transactions tailored for Process Manufacturers

Now with granular visibility to actionable manufacturing data.

Accounting & Financials

  • General ledger and journal entries
  • Basic cost accounting and monitoring project costs
  • Basic budget management
  • Banking and bank statement processing
  • Payment processing and reconciliation
  • Financial statements and reporting
  • Sales tax and VAT
  • Multicurrency support

Sales & Customers

  • Opportunities and pipeline management
  • Customer contact and activity management
  • Sales quotations and orders
  • Pricing and discount management
  • Goods delivery and returns tracking
  • Invoicing and crediting
  • Sales and pipeline forecast
  • Service contract management
  • Service call management and tracking


  • Purchase orders and deliveries
  • Goods receipts and returns
  • AP invoice and credit notes

Reporting & Administration

  • Version control
  • “Drag-and-relate”
  • Search assistance
  • Workflow-based alerts for exception management
  • Employee directory and administration
  • Remote support platform
  • Data migration workbench and archiving
  • Fully integrated with Crystal Reports® software
  • Microsoft Outlook® integration



BatchMaster ERP is in the cloud

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