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How to Accelerate Your Product Development Process using Industry Specific Software

Our complimentary webinar series addresses the “essential” software capabilities you need to move your concepts into production, faster and cheaper.

Here is a sample of the processes we will demonstrate:

  • Manage separate formula and packaging specifications

  • Estimate formula/recipe and finished good costs using raw material and labor costs

  • Adjust ingredient quantities to meet the physical, nutritional and financial target values for a specification

  • Embed QC tests and SOP’s into specifications from user defined quality libraries

  • Take into account co-products & by-products

  • Identify allergen, safety & hazard and other special product concerns

  • Compare and analyze specifications

  • Employ multilevel workflows to approve specifications

  • Manage multiple versions of specifications

  • Generate industry specific documentation for recipes/formulas and finished goods

Serving the Process Industries

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