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Manufacturing Software for CBD Health & Wellness Products

Helping you bring your innovative CBD health & wellness products to market

Whether you private-label, co-pack or produce your own line of CBD edibles, gummies, oils, capsules, terpenes, syrups, and creams, our manufacturing software supports your unique requirements in the areas of product development, production, inventory, quality, costing, lot traceability, FDA compliance, planning, scheduling, and mobile warehousing.

By applying our leading formula-based process manufacturing functionality to CBD health and wellness production, we’ve streamlined a number of key processes, including:


  • Dynamically adjusting ingredients in formulas to meet nutritional / strength target values

  • Gaining multi-level approvals for formulation specifications


  • Manage toll processing & toll fees

  • Capturing and tracking the unique unit identifiers/serial numbers of ingredients throughout the process

  • Account for product conversions and losses

  • Reconcile numbers down to the exact milligram

  • Managing inventory potency/strength variability

  • Generating product labels, nutritional fact panels, ingredient labels and inventory reports – all noting CBD strengths

Quality & Compliance

  • Integration to Metrc, the regulatory inventory accounting software for the industry

  • Managing documentation related to CBD certifications, inspections, production and distribution

  • Mandating the completion of all required inspections to successfully complete batch production jobs and ship customer orders

  • Tracking all variations and deviations during production ‘reworks’

  • Maintaining a history of Master Batch Records and Batch Manufacturing Records

  • Complying with FDA, BRC/SQF, GMP, ISO and HACCP standards, including electronic signatures

  • Quickly performing bi-directional lot traceability searches and recalls using graphical mapping tools

Run Our CBD Health & Wellness Manufacturing Application With Your Existing Financials





Run A Complete CBD Manufacturing ERP System for Health & Wellness

Growing CBD manufacturers can take advantage of our end to end ERP solution, which supports financials, sales, purchasing, supply chain, customer service, and formula-based, process manufacturing.

Supported Software Functionality

BatchMaster Software’s add-on Process Manufacturing Application and end to end ERP system for CBD medicinal manufacturers offer simple, intuitive and personalized controls, plus automated functions and real-time actionable data so that your staff can make more informed decisions, faster, in these areas:

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