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Looking to improve service and support levels as well as product cost calculations, Vita-Pakt Citrus Products Co. a leading vertically integrated processor and supplier of industrial citrus ingredients, selected BatchMaster Software’s ERP for Food solution to replace their existing ERP application. Read More

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted several vulnerabilities in many manufacturer’s business processes.

This blog highlights several software processes and functionsRead More

As a process manufacturer, your company probably has several documented policies, processes and procedures that support its corporate quality initiatives, as well as address your industry’s various regulations and guidelinesRead More

Food, beverage and supplement manufacturers constantly deal with changes in nutrition trends and regulations that require diligence to remain both compliant and competitive in their industry. One of the components of the compliance requirementsRead More

Today, food organizations promote their food safety certifications from either BRC or SQF as a sign of their investment in the health and well being of their valued customers. In addition, an advanced food safety certification enables forward thinkingRead More

After getting over my disgust of opening up a jar of ‘bad’ baby food, I ended up submitting a customer complaint to the company. So what happens next? I got a refund from the store, but what about the manufacturer?Read More

Prospects typically ask me how long I estimate their implementations to be. I discuss the importance of a dedicated project manager on their side, making key staff members readily available to our consultants, and other resource relatedRead More

As a food manufacturer, your customers probably expect, no demand, the consistent delivery of high-quality products from your company. No customer wants your products to result in any adverse events or consumer complaintsRead More

No food, chemical, nutraceutical or pharmaceutical manufacturer wants their software implementation to extend past the agreed upon expected go live date. But it can happen, and it often happens when our professional servicesRead More