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With the help of BatchMaster ERP, find a larger variety of DeliverLean’s freshly prepared foods at your grocery stores and regional airports

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DeliverLean is growing their wholesale delivery business with BatchMaster ERP. BatchMaster ERP is an end to end ERP solution, based upon the SAP Business One platform, that supports financials, sales, purchasing, supply chain and customer service, in addition to food manufacturing. Deliver Lean wholesale division supplies freshly prepared meals to Whole Foods, Hudson News and other grocery and on-site airport retail stores.

DeliverLean has seen triple digit growth each year since it was founded in 2011. It has been challenging in terms of creating recipes, costing them, and determining nutritional values and weights using Excel spreadsheets. The staff found development to be painful, time-consuming and very difficult to keep costs up to date, and recognized the need for a new software system. Some of the DeliverLean staff had previously worked for very large food companies where they used SAP R/3, so finding a SAP solution built for Food Manufacturing was the company preference.

When asked about the selection of BatchMaster ERP, Scott Harris, Founder and CEO of DeliverLean, explained ”everyone felt comfortable with the system from the very first demonstration. It is small enough that we can afford it and implement it fairly quickly, but large enough that we will not outgrow it.”.

BatchMaster ERP recipe management allows multiple product developers to continually adjust and create new recipes for their growing customer base. Ingredient levels can be dynamically adjusted to meet label claims, recipe and finished good specs analyzed in terms of estimated costs, specs quickly approved using workflows, and clean nutritional fact panels and ingredient labels generated.

DeliverLean’s FSQ director is very excited about using BatchMaster ERP for mock recalls required by their customers, like WholeFoods. The system’s comprehensive lot management capabilities with its graphical bidirectional lot traceability and recall tool will allow DeliverLean to exceed BRC/SQF lot traceability and recall mandates, as well as any customer specific recall requirements.

After DeliverLean’s contract manufacturing and wholesale business operations are running smoothly, Scott will be considering the possibility of putting their retail B2C and Holiday Foods divisions (a unit of Schawn’s) under the control of BatchMaster ERP.

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