Midwest Contract Manufacturer Selects BatchMaster ERP for SAP Business One in the Cloud Request a Demo
Midwest contract manufacturer seeks to streamline processes with BatchMaster ERP for SAP Business One Cloud


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Contract manufacturers often operate completely out of the public eye. Their identity is subservient to those of their customers, and often we never know who they are. They like to keep it that way.

So it is with a mid-west contract formulating, manufacturing and packaging company in the cosmetic market who recently moved to BatchMaster ERP for SAP in the Cloud.

Prior to the change, they had been using two separate systems for the last 20 years – one for the manufacturing side, one for the financials, with no integration between them. Their purchasing manager explained the problem “As the buyer for the chemicals, I was working in the financials side, with no visibility into the production side. There is a lot of manual processing with two systems. If a new order came in and it might use the same chemicals or packaging components, you wouldn’t know that. You would have to go and individually look up that item and see what it was used in, and see how much was in open orders, do the math and count up how much you needed to order. There was no automation to that quantity.”

Apart from the obvious single-solution nature of BatchMaster ERP for SAP Business One, one stand-out reason for choosing it was how well it matched what their staff were used to in operations and processing – it worked the way they did.

Said the company “We found BatchMaster very easy to work with. Any questions we had, they were quick to answer, and they were willing to explain in detail the information we needed to help make our decision.

The references we had from their customers who had already implemented this solution, including their willingness to share the trial and error they went through, helped us determine in the long run that this sounded more up our alley for what we could do and what we needed, compared to what we were used to, and being able to implement it.”

Following implementation, this company anticipates that Inventory management for raw materials, packaging and finished goods in general is something they will gain by switching to an integrated system. 

They hope to streamline processes in the whole operation, to follow best practices across all departments, and simply to get current. They anticipate making sure they have good business decisions and can make them faster through eliminating some of the manual processes they are doing today. 

When asked what BatchMaster with SAP Business One represents to them on a corporate level, their answer was data reliability. With that, they hope to increase the data retrieval and the reporting that goes around that data, to help them become more efficient in the functionality for the overall company. 

“We are excited about being one system, naturally, after being on two. It is nice to bring it all together.”

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