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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted several vulnerabilities in many manufacturer’s business processes.

This blog highlights several software processes and functions that can help manufacturers maintain the health and safety of its works, while minimizing disruptions across various business processes.Read More

The first question you may ask is, “why does a manufacturing business need an eCommerce website?”. And the reason you ask this question is the notion that business-to-business (B2B) companies primarily sell direct and don’t need a web store front.Read More

Manufacturers are constantly under pressure to improve their operations while keeping costs in check. One strategic way they can fulfill these needs is by embracing digital transformation and moving towards cloud software and technology.Read More

EDI stands for electronic data interchange and it is defined as the electronic (computer-to-computer) exchange of business information which is converted into a standard format which all systems understand. EDI provides you an efficient order management and order fulfilment process by reducing manual data entry and human error, and the automatic translation of purchase orders, invoices and ship notices makes for streamlined business processes.Read More

BatchMaster Software’s partnership with Boyum IT Solutions provides BatchMaster ERP users a credit card payment solution that simplifies the accounting process, cuts down time spent on reconciling payments, and provides extra security for them and their customers. Read More

Equipping your business and your teams with a credit card payment processing solution that integrates seamlessly with your financial and manufacturing software can speed up collections and reduce late/missed payments which is better for your cash flow.Read More

BatchMaster Software has partnered with Century Business Solutions to provide BatchMaster ERP users with flexible payment solutions that simplify the accounting process. Century Business Solutions is a certified SAP Business One partner with PCI-compliant financial applications that employ multi-layered encryption and tokenization to provide the highest level of security. BatchMaster Software customers receive complimentary 24/7 support from CBS’s US-based customer support team.Read More

Streamline Production – Process Versus Generic Manufacturing Software

Production management system

Streamline Production – Process Versus Generic Manufacturing Software

Product Development

Speed Formulation – Process Versus Generic Manufacturing Software

Quality Compliance Software

Ensure Quality and Compliance – Process Versus Generic Manufacturing Software

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