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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted several vulnerabilities in many manufacturer’s business processes.

This blog highlights several software processes and functions that can help manufacturers maintain the health and safety of its works, while minimizing disruptions across various business processes.Read More

As a process manufacturer, your company probably has several documented policies, processes and procedures that support its corporate quality initiatives, as well as address your industry’s various regulations and guidelines (e.g. ISO, HACCP, OSHA, SOC, GHS, BRC/SQF, SOX). And if you are like many of our customers, you want to streamline all your quality related processes and reduce the amount of associated paperwork and spreadsheets using some form of quality management software.
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After getting over my disgust of opening up a jar of ‘bad’ baby food, I ended up submitting a customer complaint to the company. So what happens next? I got a refund from the store, but what about the manufacturer? Did they do anything with my complaint?Read More

Prospects typically ask me how long I estimate their implementations to be. I discuss the importance of a dedicated project manager on their side, making key staff members readily available to our consultants, and other resource related recommendations to ensure that project milestone dates are met. Eventually I bring up the touchy topic of data conversion and migration.
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3 Keys to Ensure Your Successful Implementation

Streamline Production – Process Versus Generic Manufacturing Software

Production management system

Streamline Production – Process Versus Generic Manufacturing Software

Product Development

Speed Formulation – Process Versus Generic Manufacturing Software

Quality Compliance Software

Ensure Quality and Compliance – Process Versus Generic Manufacturing Software

Ever paint your living room or house and notice that the color is off a tad in some areas over time? I hope not.  I remember my cousin the paint contractor telling me to buy paint cans with the same lot number so that my rooms or house will look the same and evenly wear over time.  As consumers, I think we all assume that the paints, sealants, adhesives and other coating products we buy from our preferred suppliers, no matter what the lot numbers, will all have the same physical properties.Read More

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