BatchMaster ERP Modules
Add the Essential Set of Process Manufacturing Modules to Your Financials


Deciding WHAT needs to be made, and WHEN it needs to be made to satisfy customer orders, is the job of Master Production Scheduling (MPS). Multiple demand sources. Flexible calendar creation and demand ranges, item-specific and multiple forecasts, and centralized worksheets give precise control of demand and inventory levels. Group processing of MPS-generated orders automates the flow of instructions to both production and purchasing (for purchased end-items). Consolidate demand across facilities.

BatchMaster’s Demand Forecasting enhances the forecasting function through Time Series Analysis of historical sales data to predict future trends, using such tools as Holt-Winters exponential smoothing to apply level, trend and seasonal smoothing.

BatchMaster Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) provides a visual presentation of all resources, allowing “drag & drop” re-scheduling of both production batches and projected deliveries. Examine all critical resource groups, including equipment (including projected down-time), storage and labor and compare alternative scheduling scenarios.

Demand Forecasting Demo
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Advanced Planning
& Scheduling Explained
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