Dr ClarkStore.com, Self Health Resource Center Selects BatchMaster ERP to Comply with FDA cGMP Requirements and Support Product Costing

The Nutraceutical industry is characterized by extensive individual research leading to widely divergent means and methods of producing “Supplements” for human consumption, and their products are sold via diverse distribution channels.  Despite the diversity, nutraceutical manufacturers all share a common central requirement: to deliver safe, profitable products.

The roadmap to safe, quality products is the FDA’s cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.  Dr. Clark Store has incorporated Good Manufacturing Practices in all aspects of their laboratory analysis, manufacturing, packaging and labeling processes, but the expanding range of products meant their paper-based system was no longer able to support their compliance requirements.  After a detailed search, Self Health Resource Center has turned to BatchMaster ERP to automate and modernize their manufacturing unit and to keep better tracking of their business processes as required by FDA’s cGMP guidelines.

Dr. Clark Store.com, Self Health Resource Center’ story is similar to many others in the Nutraceutical Industry.  Situated in Chula Vista, CA, they manufacture more than 300 of their own branded products which include herbal cleanses, sanitation and personal care products, based on the research of Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph.D, Biology, who believed that a great majority of food supplements are too processed, contain too many ingredients mixed together, and contain all kinds of toxic manufacturing chemicals.  Self Health specialize in producing supplements that do not contain excipients such as colors, tablet blinders, release agents, binders or flow agents. According to Manneola Moreiera, Accounting Manger at Self Health ”The main focus of the company is to produce highly pure and potent products using the whole herb, not the herbal extracts, even if it means taking significantly longer to produce”.

They sell their products directly to customers from all over the world via online and by phone.

Manneola Moreiera recalls “The decision to purchase BatchMaster turned out to be a very simple exercise supported by each and every one of the selection committee.  The main reasons we chose BatchMaster were:

–          BatchMaster by its design helps its customers to fulfil most of the cGMP requirements.

–          BatchMaster supported all our business processes and also could provide real time status of different ongoing activities.

–          It was capable of fulfilling our specific need of traceability by its robust inventory management module and our other specific need of costing of the product. In BatchMaster software, the manufacturing module provides us many options of costing of a product.

–          Affordability of BatchMaster software, accompanied by a friendly experienced and competent support team.

We are very happy with our purchase, and are confident it will help us manage and grow our business”.

About BatchMaster Software, Inc.

BatchMaster Software, Inc. is a global provider of ERP solutions for the process, recipe-based, manufacturing environment. Applications range from extensive Business Intelligence to give clear visibility into all areas of the business, with excellent support for cGMP, Lot-traceability, Issues tracking, Formulation Management, Inventory control, advanced planning & scheduling, laboratory analysis and much more.

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